Welcome to Hobart Walking Club (HWC), the oldest and largest bushwalking club in Tasmania. Established in 1929 and now with well over 800 members, HWC has groups walking, cycling, kayaking and skiing all over Tasmania and beyond. The club promotes an interest in the preservation of flora, fauna and natural scenery.

Our members go on a variety of bushwalks, from short easy rambles to long multi-day bushwalks into the more remote areas of Tasmania. There are walks on every day of the week, cycling four times a week, and regular kayaking trips on Tasmania’s rivers and lakes. The Club has experienced Trip Coordinators and is a vast resource of bushwalking information, including track notes on most of the mountains on the Tasmanian Peak Baggers List.

Membership Benefits

Note for members

Renewal time for existing members is 1st July - The renewal form can be downloaded here.
You can pay electronically (include your name as the reference) and just email the treasurer and membership officers with your payment details; then no need for any paperwork.

Members can download a copy of the circular from the members area of the website (http://www.hobartwalkingclub.org.au/members.php#Circular). The circular is normally available on the website from around the 20th of each month. You will need to log into the members area and be a current member to access the circular.