Membership Fees

Subscriptions for 2021 - 2022

  • The annual subscription is payable on application.
  • If you submit your application between 1 January and 30 June a reduced subscription is payable. Future annual subscriptions are payable in July each year.
  • A once-off joining fee of $20.00 per member is payable on application.
  • The monthly Circular is supplied electronically by email to all members free
  • Members may request a paper Circular to be sent by post for an extra charge
  • Members may request both an email Circular and a paper Circular
  • A member will receive one copy of The Tasmanian Tramp (published in alternate years)


ApplicationTotal without/with
PeriodAnnual SubJoining Feepaper Circularpaper Circular
1 July - 31 Dec$35$20$30$55 / $85
1 Jan - 30 June$20$20$15$40 / $55

Dated: 17 May 2021