Safety in the Bush

The Club publishes Safety in the Bush as a service to members of the Club and the public. The book is aimed at giving bush walkers sufficient knowledge to plan their venture into the bush and the wilds of Tasmania in a safe and sensible way. The chapter headings are Rights and Obligations; The Party; The Trip; Equipment and Clothing; Food; Walking and Camping in the Snow; Skiing; Route Finding and Navigation (with exercises); Dangers and Difficulties; Emergency Procedures; and First Aid in the Bush.
Excerpts are included in the training subcommittee page.

This book is a must for all who walk in isolated areas, especially in Tasmania. Much is also applicable to mainland Australia's mountainous and forested areas. First published in 1962 it is now in its Eighth Edition and is sold in bookshops throughout Tasmania, as well as parts of mainland Australia. It is also available from the Club. (see below)

Bushwalking - Emergency Management

This pocket size (A6) 50 page booklet contains essential information to help you deal with an accident, illness or emergency, particularly in the bush or remote areas. The booklet has been printed on a synthetic, water and tear resistant medium that enables it to be used in poor weather without being damaged. Concisely written sections cover medical emergencies, party management, advice on navigation issues and dealing with missing party members as well as bushwalking advice relating to bivouacs, river crossing and difficult terrain and weather. Don't go walking without this booklet in your pack! (And write your emergency contact details in the centre page where indicated). It is free of charge to club members. It is retailed in some Tasmanian outlets and also available from the Club (see below).

The Tasmanian Tramp

The Tasmanian Tramp is the Club magazine and is usually published every second year, with articles written mostly by club members. Each issue has photographs, sketches, poems and illustrated articles of general interest to bushwalkers. Many articles are about walking trips in various parts of Tasmania, interstate and overseas. Other articles are historical views of people or places. The latest edition is Tramp 43, released in September 2020. It includes personal experiences and incidents while walking. Articles include the Three Capes Track, the Story of Churchill’s Hut, Schouten Island in Winter, MacGregors Peak, Walking the Larapinta Trail, Counting Geese, Vanishing Falls and many others. It is now available in shops or direct from us (see below)

Index and back issues of The Tasmanian Tramp

We now have available a complete index of The Tasmanian Tramp numbers 1 to 36 on CD and a CD of scanned copies (in PDF) of The Tasmanian Tramp, issues 1 – 23. We also have limited stocks of some past issues of The Tasmanian Tramp. At present numbers 21, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 31, 32, 34, 35, 38, 39, 40, 41 and 42 are available.
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Club History

Hobart Walking Club Inc. A Record of 81 Years 1929 - 2010:click to download (9 MB pdf file, 56 pages)

Sales - prices shown are for Members only (postage charges will be added to item price)

Safety in the Bush$5
Bushwalking - Emergency Managementfree
Tasmanian Tramp Issue 43, limited stock$12
Back issues of Tramp$5
CD of The Tasmanian Tramp 1-23 issues (scanned)$10
Tramp Index 1-36 (CD)$5
Tramp Index 1-16 (paper)$5
Tramp Index 17-23 (paper)$5
The Steppes - Life in Tasmania's Lake Country, by Jack Thwaites from Tramp No 22, 1976$5
A Record of The 21st to 30th years 1950 -1959$5
A Record of Fifty years 1929 - 1979$5

Sales to non-members

The current edition of The Tasmanian Tramp, Safety in the Bush, Bushwalking - Emergency Management and several back issues of The Tasmanian Tramp are available from retail outlets in Hobart.
All publications can be ordered from the Club and posted to anywhere in Australia.
Our prices are current retail price + postage.

The following prices are indicative only:

Current issue Tramp 43$22 + postage
Bushwalking - Emergency Management$10 + postage
Safety in the Bush$10 + postage
Back issues of Tramp, if available$10 + postage
CD of Index of Tramps, Issues 1-36$10 + postage
CD of The Tasmanian Tramp Issues 1-23 (scanned)$15 + postage

Write to or send an email to The Publications Officer with enquiries, or send a cheque to the Hobart Walking Club, GPO Box 753 Hobart, TAS 7001 along with your return address.

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