Tramps 1 to 39 - table of contents

Tramp No.Page No.ArticleAuthor
14As it was in the Beginning
15Mount Rumney
18Christmas at Lake St ClairThwaites, J. B.
121Blackberryin'Vallie, Lena
122The Club at Tasman PeninsulaRichardson, J. R.
127Lewisham-Seven-Mile Beach-RokebyLaughton, J.
130We Like Ski-ingReid, R.
138If-Emmett, E. T.
139The Old Linda Track, Easter 1930Mather, R.
142A Walk Through No-Man's-LandEmmett, E. T.
146On SwagsEmmett, E. T.
25Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair: Christmas-New Year 1932-33Brearly, A.
217Weindorfer of WaldheimEmmett, E. T.
220Longfellow at National ParkEmmett, E. T.
222Mount AnneChapman, G. T. F.
226Overland from Port DaveyThwaites, J. B.
233From Derwent to HuonAnderson, D. L.
237The Ski-Runner
240The Hartz MountainsJohnston, B.; Laughton, J.
242What to Take"Blackfella"
243Gunners QuoinHarrisson, M. E.
35Frenchmans CapThwaites, J. B.
313StakesEmmett, E. T.
315Lower Port Davey TrackAnderson, D. L.
319The Truth About the Lachlan TripHarrisson, M. E.
320The Western WellingtonsChapman, G. T. F.
324Fern TreeWarren, R.
326Bellerive - Howrah - Droughty Point - RokebyHarrisson, M. E.
327Mt NelsonNew, B. E.
328Mt WellingtonWilson, M.
331Myrtle GullyRichardson, J. R.
331Bellerive - Flagstaff HillSeager, P.
332To Mt Arthur and over the Landslip to Glenorchy"Jimmie"
334Christmas Camp - Bruny IslandHarrisson, M. E.
339The Mountain ShrimpSpargo, D.
343National Park and Tarn ShelfBrough, S.
346The Passing of a FriendEmmett, E. T.
45Jane RiverJohnston, B.
413KilloraEmmett, E. T.
417What Shall I Wear?Brough, S.
421The VagabondStevenson, R. L.
422RichmondCox, J.
427Lost CavesWarren, R.
430Mt WellingtonThwaites, J. B.
433Mt DirectionBrough, S.
435Gordon BendNew, B. E.
442It Happened One NightThierjung, E.
448Man Tracks"Blackfella"
55This Business of WalkingHarrisson, M. E.
512Mt Picton and BeyondAnderson, D. L.
517HayesNew, B. E.
519Mt FawknerHamilton, W.; Wilson, D.
521The Far North-WestEmmett, E. T.
529The WanderlustService, R. W.
531To the Denison Range and AdamsfieldCox, J.
536On Our WanderingsRaftery, I.
537The Weld CountryBrough, S.
543BushcraftO'Reilly, M. J.
544Diary of Two Wretched Females on a trip to Frenchmans CapWarren, R.
65Critchley Parker
67The New River Country - South-West TasmaniaStephensen, R.
613Over the Top from Hartz to AdamsonsWhitham, L.
618The Snowy MountainsMartin, D.
622Birds of the HighlandsSharland, M.
625So you want to be a WalkerLuckman, J. S.
627Our Rufus ThingLuckman, L. E.
629Cushions and Creepers in National ParkAves, K.
632Cathedral MountainWarren, R.
634Pine Valley"Blackfella"
638And They do it for PleasureMacMaster, J.
642Ray LivingstonGibson, M.
644Copping-Orford Hostel RouteThwaites, J. B.
648Hartz Holiday"Two Old Dames"
78Tasmanian Walker's BushcraftHudspeth, K.
712La Perouse-Pinder's PeakShaw, N. E.; Luckman, J. S.
714Map-La Perouse to Precipitous Bluff
715Precipitous Bluff
718Sweet Content"Gourmet"
719Tasmanian SnakesLaird, N.
723Novice Notes-Beds for the Walker"The Novice"
723Night on the FlorentineSteane, D.
725The Memorial Hut
726Mount Rufus as a Ski-ing GroundMartin, D.
730Map-Mount Rufus
732Walls of JerusalemGilbert, J. M.
734Map-Walls of Jerusalem
737Great Lake to Lake St ClairElliott, C. G.
738Map-Walls of Jerusalem to Lake St Clair
741Finding the Northern Gateway to the South-West (Tyenna - Port Davey track)"Yellow Chalk"
743Towards the ArthursShaw, N. E.
746Chain of Lagoons-S. Helens Hostel RouteThwaites, J. B.; Shaw, N. E.
84Claremont-Mt Faulkner-Collinsvale-GlenorchyThwaites, J. B.
87Walter Taylor (Obituary)Thwaites, J. B.
87The Snowy RangeBrown, R. H.; Steane, D. F.
813Highlights and ShadowsShaw, N. E.
815Is Ossa Tasmania's Highest Mountain?Thwaites, J. B.
816Federation PeakLuckman, J. S.; Smith, R. N.; Luckman, L. E.
824Glenorchy LandslideAves, K.
826We Don't Want to Frighten You, but...Aves, K.; Lyons, G. D.
830The Chudleigh LakesPeterson, J. A.
833The Innes Track, Liena to RoseberryShaw, N. E.; Crawn,V.
838The Denison LakesLove, A. R.
842National Park via Maydena, The Divide and Mt Field WestWilson, D.; Wilson, N.
845Mt Gell and Upper Franklin ValleyGilbert, J. M.
94Tramp Latitude 54Laird, N.
99Club Founder-E. T. EmmettThwaites, J. B.
911Tasmanian SnowfleldsVarious
916Federation PeakThwaites, J. B.
918The Walls of JerusalemHudspeth, K.
921Relics of an Extinct RaceLuckman, L. E.
925Traversing the EldonsLancaster, K.
931The ExceptionEmmett, E. T.
934Wylds CraigGulline, H.; Wilson,D.
940Why I WalkGoodey, L.; Steane,D.
942A New Route to the Huon TrackWilson, N.
943Looking at the Mammals
103Sir John Franklin's Overland Journey, 1842Buckie, J.
107Ski Feverde Bavay, J.
108Hartz TragedyEmmett, E. T.
1012A Night with The Hobart Walking ClubArdill, K.
1014The Oldest Gum Tree AbroadMartin, D.
1015A Bushwalker-s CodeThwaites, J. B.
1016Cradle Mountain Calling!Sharp, L.
1024MemoriesWarren, R.
1025The Record of Twenty-one Years 
102621st Anniversary Life MembersEmmett, E. T.
1027Ladies FirstLuckman, J. S.
1030Fifty Years AgoSmith, R.
1031Lune to Maydena-31 DaysBewsher, B.
1033Map-Mt Victoria Cross to Craycroft Junction 
1037West Coast WanderingsWarren, R.; Keats, D.; Gulline, H.
1044Meet the BushwalkersHill, L.
1046Mt Dundas-A West Coast ClimbSargison, D.
114W. S. Sharland's Expedition Westward, 1832Williams, U.
1112The Candle in the WindowEmmett, E. T.
1114South-West CapeLuckman, L. E.
1115Map-Route to South-West Cape
1118Scenes from a Walker's LogWythes, J.
1120The South-Western Expeditionary ClubLivingston, L.
1123Skiing in EuropeTurnbull, S.
1127Pine Valley As I Know ItBellette, T.
1129Mt Field National Park
1143Tasmanian Nomenclature
1144A Ballad of Blackmans BayLivingston, L.
1146Walking Club "Types"Davis, B.
1148Overland from Macquarie Harbour to Port Davey 1952-1953Woodward, T.
1149Map-Macquarie Harbour to Port Davey
123Tasmanian TrampHigginson, D.
124Adamsfield - Then and NowPeterson, F. A.
1211Lake Pedder National ParkBrown, J. and U.
1211Map Lake Pedder National ParkRogers, P.
1215Lake PedderDavis, B.
1216The Mount Wellington Go-As-You-Please RaceWilliams, G.
1218Philps Track to Frenchmans CapThwaites, J. B.
1221Philp the Man
1222"Dick" Rumney
1223The FrenchmanThree Old Friends
1226The Discovery of "Daverns Cavern"Davern, A.
1228Notes on the Walk to Frenchmans CapAllnutt, P.
1229Mt Wellington - Part OneAves, K.
1244Bush Personalities - Bob McCracken
1245Search and Rescue OrganisationPeterson, F. A.
1246Alice in The WonderlandEmmett, E. T.
1248West Coast Working HolidayLilley, T.
1251Extracts from R. M. Johnston's "Geology of Tasmania"
1252The SentinelLivingston, L.
1253Geum renifoliumBrown, J.
1254Early History of Mt AnneLuckman, J. S.
134Storm on Mt Field WestSharp, L.
139Mt Dromedary and Platform PeakWhitham, L.
1311Map - Mt Dromedary and Platform Peak
1314Walking in the RainWilson, D. C. A.
1317For Those Going South-WestDavis, B. and R.
1322Sketch Maps for Sale
1323Lune to Dover the Hard WayDreaper, R; Knight,A.
1325Map - La Perouse and Pinders Peak to Adamsons Peak
1331Meet NoahEmmett, E. T.
1333The Dial SearchDavis, B.
1337Mt Wellington - Part TwoAves, K.
1337Mt Wellington TracksAves, K.
1345Mt Wellington GeologyBanks, M. R.
1349Mt Wellington PlantsAves, K.
1355Mt Wellington AnimalsAves, K.
1357Mt Wellington BirdsSharland, M.
1361Maria IslandPeterson, F.
1363Map - Maria Island
1367West Coast WalksLuckman, J. S. & L. E.
144The Flinders Group - A Nest of IslandsMedhurst, A.
149King River to Cynthia Bay - The Hard WayBarnett, R.
1411Map-Eldon Peak Area
1414Map-Lake Ewart to Cynthia Bay
1418New Road to the HartzBrown, J.
1419Map-Hartz New Road
1420R. N. Smith - Sixth Life Member
1422Peterson Memorial Hut
1423Federation Peak - The ChallengeDavis, B.
1425Map-Federation Peak Area
1432Map-Old River Route to Federation Peak
1439Port Davey - South-West TasmaniaThwaites, J. B.
1441Map-Port Davey Area
1456May Your Fires Burn Brighter!Knight, A.
1458Air Drops and Food SuppliesBrown, J. & U.
1464Are You Going Up Frenchmans?Wilkins, B.
1468Breathing SpaceBuckie, J.
1470The Rucksack ExpressEklund, B.
1473More West Coast Walks - Pieman Heads to Point HibbsLuckman, J. S. & L. E.
152E. T. Emmett - Ninety Years Young
157Birds and BushwalkingField, D.
1513Lloyd Jones - An Appreciation
1514As Others See UsHigginson, D.
1515Aboriginal Place NamesAllnutt, P.
1516Alpine DayWilson, A. and D.
1517"P.B."Davis, B.
1521Map-Precipitous Bluff to Ironbound Range
1526Deadmans Bay
1527Food for ThoughtLuckman, J. S.
1531Take Care of Your AxeBrown, J.
1532An Early Air DropWilson, D. W.
1534The Legend of SolitaryFive South-Westers
1537Sir Edmund Hillary in South-West TasmaniaThwaites, J. B.
1544Sir Edmund Hillary's Easter Camp, 1960Hodgson, W.
1546The George Lowe Summer CampKnight, A.
1549The Anne CircuitDreaper, R.
1551Map-Mt Anne Circuit
1555Search and Rescue
1556Where'er You WalkEmmett, E. T.
1559The World Is Too Much With UsRoss, M.
1560The Charles King Memorial HutNewham, D.
1563Geological Notes on the Far South-WestBanks, M. R.
1567The Vegetation of the Port Davey AreaGulline, H.
164Tenzing Norgay in TasmaniaBrown, J.
167Tasmania's First BushwalkersLuckman, J. S. & L. E.
1613GoneDavies, K.
1615The Western Arthurs TraverseDavis, B.
1616Map-Western Arthur Range and Route through BeggarySynott, B.
1624Ernie Bond
1627Ski Facilities at Mt MawsonCole, B.
1628Map-Mt Mawson Ski Tow AreaSynott, B.
1635Bruce Davis - Seventh Life Member
1636FleaThwaites, J. B.
1637SwansongEmmett, E. T.
1640Pedder to the GordonSklenica, A.
1643Map-Route from Lake Pedder to the Gordon RiverSynott, B.
1657Schouten IslandManning, J.
1657Map-Schouten IslandSynott, B.
1663Smith's MonumentJohnson, L.
1666The Count of AdamsfieldLees, D.
1668The SpiresDavis, R.
1672The Coast at CurrieBanks, P.
1675Tasmania's Native PinesGulline, H.
174Tasman Peninsula-The Other SideBanks. P.
176Map-Tasman PeninsulaSynott, B.
1713The Weld River CavesKing, D.
1714Weindorfer of Cradle Mountain-a noteThwaites, J. B.
1715The Federation BoxChristie, T.
1724A Mountain Log-book ContainerAllnutt, P.
1726Winter MemoriesTerry, T.
1732Jessie Luckman-Eighth Life Member
1733Peter Allnutt-Ninth Life Member
1734Li-Lo on the GordonWayatt, G.
1737The Tasmanian National Park SystemMosley, G.
1750The South-West CommitteeDamgaard, A.
1753Wooden TentsLuckman, J. S.
1762Bushwalking Personalities-Mac Urquhart
1764Federation WeekendCross, A.
1767Stringbark and Gum - Tasmania's EucalyptsGulline, H.
1779Survival Can be FunSklenica, A.
184WildernessStegner, W
185...Where Angels Fear to TreadWalkden-Brown, T.
187Winter on the Tarn ShelfMitchell, S.
188Map - Prince of Wales Range Traverse
189The Prince of Wales RangeWilliams, R.
1817A Peak-bagger's Guide to TasmaniaChristie, T.
1821The Convict Railway on Tasman PeninsulaMcMahon, A.
1823Map - Convict Railway on Tasman Peninsula
1825From the Crags of Andromeda to the Evening Star
1828Map - Western Arthur Range Nomenclature
1830The Huon TrackCole, B.
1834Map - The Huon Track
1843The Candlestick CircusChristie, T.
1856Let's Go Snow CampingSklenica, A.
1860Snow SheltersKnight, A.
1863Rocky Cape National ParkThwaites, J. B.
1863Map - Rocky Cape National Park
1869From Eddystone to DaveyBanks, M. R.
1871Map - Outline Geological Map of Tasmania
1877We, the Lucky Ones - A NostalgiaLuckman, J. S.
1880Mountain-top BotanyGulline, H.
194Marias Eylandt-Maria Island
195Map: Darlington - Maria Island
197Maria Island: HistoryLuckman, J. S.
199Map: Maria Island
1921Maria Island: GeologyBanks, M. R.
1922Map: Geological Sketch Map of Maria Island
1928Maria Island: BirdlifeMilledge, D.
1932Maria Island: Fauna
1933Maria Island: Flora
1935Maria Island: Access and suggested walks
1938Maria Island: Nomenclature
1940King Williams to the Gordon BendAllan, P.
1941Map: King Williams to the Gordon Bend
1944Macquarie Island JourneyCarpenter, W.
1945Map: Macquarie Island
1951Jim Brown - Tenth Life Member
1952Cape PillarChristie, T.
1955Map: Cape Pillar
1965The Destroyer-ManShackel, P.
1966Babes in the Woods-Sklenica, A.
1970Ergonomics in BushwalkingLegg, P.
1972King of the South-WestThwaites, J. B.
1979A New Approach to Federation PeakPeate, J.
1982Walking With Your CameraBolt, F.
1986The Hobart Walking ClubScott, K.
1988Rain on Wylds CraigHewitt, M.
1990You Name It - We Wore ItWalpole, K.
1993The NutHolt, E.
204On Wilderness-A Message for AustraliansWallace, G.
2010The Tragedy of Lake PedderHean, B.
2015Lake Pedder-Masterpiece of TimeCloss, L.
2016Southern Reserve InterludesCannon, J.
2020Evelyn Temple Emmett, 1871-1970Thwaites, J. B.
2023Variety BayHolt, E.
2029Extracts from an Antarctic DiaryHarrisson, M.
2042A Wet TripHolloway, G.
2045Fergy- The Bushwalkers' FriendThwaites, J. B.
2053Denison River Huon Pine Scenic Reserve
2056The Mount Wellington HutsDavies, R.
2058Map - Mt Wellington Huts
2063Seven Peaks of GeryonWilliams, R.
2067The Gordon SplitsTruchanas, O.
2072Map - The Franklands Traverse
2073The Franklands TraverseDavis, B.
2082Moods of the South-WestDamgaard, A.
2084Aboriginal Names in the Port Davey Area
2085A Brush With NatureMichael, A.
2092Looking Back Along the TrackChapman, G.
2098Map - Railways and Tramways of Zeehan
2099In Search of Zeehan TramwaysWhitham, L.
20103Orchids in the Tasmanian BushGulline, H.
214The Club's Role in ConservationLuckman, J. S.
2111Federation Peak - A ReviewWilliams, R.
2113An Easter Camp - Fifty Years AgoThwaites, J. B.
2114They Carry the Flag of AdventureAllnutt, P.
2120Sunset - Federation PeakSeddon, H.
2121Federation Peak - In a DayDaniels, W.
2126A Night at the SteppesWalpole, J.
2128Canoeing on the DerwentSklenica, A.
2133Diamond Peak via the Jane River TrackRathbone, C.
2138Report from an American SojournerJohnson, K.
2142The Seven Ages of a WalkerAllnutt, P.
2144Reflections on the Crossing RiverMoscal, T.
2149New Track on Tasman PeninsulaMorley, F.
2154Some Birds of Waterfall BayZiegeler, D.
2157Native Tasmanian OrchidsMoscal, T.
2166Sufferation WeekendHawes, C.
2168High Camp Memorial HutDavies, R.
2170A Day on Paddys HeadHolt, E.
2174An Early Walking ClubCook, D.
2177Sou-West by Sou-WestRolls, R.
2183The Mt Wellington Ice HousesThwaites, J. B.
2185Sounds of the BushJohnson, S.
2186Supply DroppingEngland, J.
2190Rodway Ski TowCole, B.
2196Memory of Lake PedderBarrett, B.
2197Rafting Down the FranklinKoolhof, F.
224Tasmania - Our ConcernTruchanas, M.
226A New Years OdysseyHawes, M.
2213Map - The Frankland Range
2216Follow my LeaderAlexander, D.
2218Training TripHaines, R.
2220Ten Years on the Ouse-Zeehan Telegraph LineTaylor, A.
2225Pelverata FallsWilson, D. W.
2226Jim Brown : As I Knew HimWythes, J.
2230Mushroom ManiaWray, R.
2232Walking to WorkThwaites, J. B.
2233Your MuseumRodgers, W.
2236The Lake Fenton Pack TrackJohnston, B.
2238Geoff Chapman - A TributeAnderson, D.
2240Judds CavernCane, H.
2243Mount BobsBirch, J.
2244Map - Judds Cavern and Mount Bobs
2248Basin HillsReynolds, S.
2249Home is Where You Make ItAllnutt, P.
2255Innes Track - Liena to RoseberyLambert, G.
2257Map - Innes Track
2265Clemes PeakHolt, E.
2267Gunners Quoin RidgeReynolds, S.
2268The Steppes - Life in Tasmania's Lake CountryThwaites, J. B.
2278Bush BeastiesAlexander, D.
2282Ken Iredale - Eleventh Life Member
2283Roy Davies - Twelfth Life Member
2284The Walls of JerusalemMorffew, G.
2289Better Late Than NeverHouston, R.
2291A Week-End To Mount WeldRobinson, P.
2292Map - Mount Weld
2295High Camp Memorial HutDavies, R.
2296Mount Wellington in Early DaysCornish, T.
2298South Cape and OthersMoscal, T.
22101Map - South Coast Track
22105The Larger FungiWade, G. C.
22111Lichens of the Cradle Mountain AreaBratt, G.
22119EpilogueMoscal, T.
231The Club's Foundation Fifty Years AgoAllnutt, P.
235Travels With Tony or Into the Thick of ItStrappazon, A.
2315Cordon (not so) BleuAlexander, D.
2318Fairy Penguins in Southern TasmaniaHodgson, A.
2321The Peak-BaggerCannon, J.
2323Our Bruny WalkaboutHolt, E.
2330Storm on the Western ArthursNicolson, D.
2333RicheDavies, K.
2340Seek the Far HorizonsDavis, B.
2342A Child in the BushJohnson, S.
2343Working on the Tasman TrackTilbury, O.
2346Memories of the South-WestFletcher, M.
2348Walk and Talk with FriendsAlexander, D.
2350Gentleman JackReynolds, S.
2351Jack Thwaites-Honorary Life MemberDavies, K.
2354Aboriginal ThoughtsWallace, A.
2358Tasmania's Furthest NorthCannon, J.
2362Snakebite Treatment in 1852Cotton, F.
2363A Touch of GoldMorffew, G.
2365Wellington Falls - Last CenturyMather, R.
2369The Hazards TraverseWills-Johnson, J.
2372John Watt BeattieThwaites, J. B.
2381South West Cape CircuitMorffew, G.
2382Map - South West Cape
2387Pedder Pennies and Other CurrenciesTyler, P.
2390Leo Luckman - Honorary Life Member
2392Search and Rescue ExerciseReynolds, S.
2396Art and the BushWalpole, M.
2399Ernie's Honey Mead
23100Thoughts of a Tasmanian ExileAnderson, D.
23101In the Steps of Lady FranklinLuckman, J. S.
23104Map - H.W.C. Overland Journey to Macquarie Harbour
23110The Born LeaderAlexander, D.
23112Ski Tours on TorbunnaParrott, K.
23114Map - Ben Lomond Ski Tours
23118Fires in the Tasmanian BushGilbert, M.
23123Port Davey - An Echo of the Great War 1914-1918Thwaites, J. B.
23126Thark HutJohnston, B.
23129Those Training Trips!Davies, R.
23131Ernie's Cherry Wine
23133Arthur Knight - Thirteenth Life Member
23134A Sliver of TimeMoscal, T.
23136Map - Port Davey
23141The SmokewalkersGrayson, R.
23143Mount Wellington Club Hut
23144The South-West TrollReynolds, S.
23145It's Just a Fad You've Got, This Walking!Cox, F.
23154Recollections of GordonvaleWoodward, T.
23159Tasmania - Island of LakesDavis, B.
23164Old New WorldWills-Johnson, J.
241Foot Track To FortescueMorley, F.
242Map - Tasman Peninsula TrackMeech, S.
247Franklands and Beyondvan de Vusse, A.
249Map - Frankland and White Monolith RangeHardy, D.
2412Walks in our BackyardCannon, J.
2417The French in D'Entrecasteaux Channel, 1802Plomley, B.
2428Wilderness WanderingsCornish, T.
2430High Dome: How to be a Masochist Without Really TryingNicolson, D.
2435Robert Brown - BotanistHurburgh, M.
2439Troubles on the TrackMorley, F.
2444A Nine-Day Walking Trip on Cape Barren IslandChristian, A.
2445Map - Cape Barren IslandMeech, C. A.
2448Chug-A-Lug: Arthur's Steam BoatReynolds, S.
2452John Wythes-Fourteenth Life Member
2453Clement Wragge's Observatory on Mt WellingtonThwaites, J. B.
2461The Marinised BushwalkerCreese, E.
2466Jefferys TrackMuddle, G.
2470Name DroppersAlexander, D.
2473Federation Peak-Ascents in 31 YearsAllnutt, P.
2483LeatherwoodStrappazon, A.
2484A Near MissStrappazon, A.
2488Map - The Frankland RangeMeech, C. A.
2491Bob Wyatt-Fifteenth Life Member
2492Interview With a Forest RatReynolds, S.
2496Wintering in the Eastern Arthurs This Year?Doran, K.
24105Let's do it for the TreesMoscal, T.
24110How I Came to the Walking ClubFixel, F.
24115Talk of the WeatherWilkinson, K.
24122The South Heemskirk Tin FieldWhitham, L.
24123Map - South Heemskirk Tin FieldHardy, D.
24132Nature Notes from South HeemskirkWhitham, L.
24134Frank Morley - Sixteenth Life Member
24135Smells RememberedLuckman, J. S.
24137My Bush ShirtsAlexander, D.
24138E. A. Counsel: 1849-1939Elias, A.
24144Peak-Bagger's Guide RevisedMorffew, G.
24148My Adventures in TasmaniaReber, G.
24152Mt TruchanasCloss, D.
24153My Recollections of Olegas Truchanasde Bavay, J.
24161Seeing Tasmania the Youth Hostel WayThwaites, J. B.
24166Lost HeritageMasterman, E.
24167Bushious WalkosaurusWilson, D.
24170A Camp on Lake GordonEmery, M.
24172I'd Rather Walk: 1840-1850Cotton, F.
24177Exploration Adventure: Mt Wellington 1927Johnston, H. L. & R. V.
24180Charles Darwin's Visit to Hobart TownBanks, M. R.
24183Map - Darwin's Hobart VisitMeech, C. A.
24187An 1877 Prospecting TripThwaites, J. B.
24188Tasmanian TrampsBechervaise, J.
24201High PlacesAlexander, D.
251A Walk in the Government PaddockLuckman, J. S.
258The World Heritage Listing of the Western Tasmania Wilderness National ParksZiegeler, D.
2510Don't Flood the Arthurs: A Cautionary TaleBradshaw, R.
2513Tasmanian TigerAlexander, D.
2514Solo Canoe Trip up the Gordon and Franklin RiversSklenica, A.
2520Lost WorldRichardson, G.
2522Charles Gould - First Geological Surveyor in TasmaniaBanks, M. R.
2528Sonnet From Far AwayBaker, M.
2529A Masochist's Guide to the EldonsNicholson, D.
2539The Mt Wellington WaterworksDavies, R.
2544Map - Mt Wellington Water Supply SystemMeech, C. A.
2547Geryon WintersDixon, G.
2550Tasmanian AmphibiansAndrews, A. P.
2554Fifty Years Ago on Collins BonnetWilson, D.
2555Mt Murchison and the TyndallsCannon, J.
2559Vanishing FallsChristian, A.
2566The WombatAlexander, D.
2567Painters of the Landscape: Bush, Mountain and SeaAndrews, L.
2570A Pre-War Trip to Mt AnneHamilton, W.
2575Understanding Landscape ValuesHorning, P.
2579Weld WanderingsDixon, G.
2582Ramblin OnAlexander, D.
2584Precipitous Bluff - Ascents in 21 YearsAllnutt, P.
2589The Gordon SplitsStrappazon, A.
2593Map - The Gordon SplitsHardy, D.
2594Tragedies in Highlands and Remote Places in TasmaniaWilson, D.
2596Reason and ConservationMoscal, T.
25101The Lake Dobson Memorial HutSpedding, R.
25104Easter in the DenisonsCaldwell, L.
25109Recollections of Mt Ronald CrossZiegeler, D.
25111Map - Mt Ronald CrossMeech, C. A.
25113Survival of the FittestReynolds, S.
25115Measuring Pelverata FallsAllnutt, P.
25118Western Arthurs TraverseHardy, D.
25124Map - Western Arthur RangeHardy, D.
261A Western Tasmanian National ParkLambert, J.; Dixon, G.
262Map - Proposed Western Tasmanian National ParkMorffew, M.
2611Journey to the Huon via Mt Field and Lake Pedder in 1837 by James Erskine CalderLove, A.
2618Kathleen Davies
2619Mary Hewitt
2621The Eye of the WindMcDougal, D.; Smith, R.; Knight, A.; Hewitt, M.
2627Biological Conservation is Enlightened Human Self-InterestMoscal, T.
2636Slow DownAlexander, D.
2637Walking in the Wild Wild WestMoon, J.
2638Map - Walking in the Wild Wild WestMorffew, M.
2647A Snowy SojournZiegeler, D.
2654Federation Peak NomenclatureThwaites, J. B.
2657Vale JackWythes, J.
2661The Tramp in the Making or History Repeating ItselfReynolds, S.
2667Before ThumbsRichmond, A.
2683Tasmania's First SurveyorLuckman, J. S.
2686My Year's of Association with Mt WellingtonRatkowsky, A. V.
2690Reynolds FallsDixon, G.
2692Die WanderlustOrtmann, A.
2694Balfour and BeyondCannon, J.
26103The Catamaran Coal MineWhitham, L.
26111A Mt Riveaux RevelLembitt, R.
26115SleepersPercy, L.
26117An Account of an Ascent of Mt MurchisonRatkowsky, D. and A.
26121History of the Huts Along the Overland TrackAllnutt, P.
26129Mt SolitaryMitchell, I.
271Last of the GiantsDixon, G.
274Why Walk?Bradshaw, R.
278The FutureBrown, R.
279Wild West TwoCannon, J.
2715Tasmanian WildernessStrappazon, A.
2716The Derwent River to New NorfolkLuckman. J. S.
2724Rafting the Gordon SplitsMcGregor, R.
2728The Mountain ClubWythes, J.
2731Solo to Precipitous BluffStrappazon, A.
2737Mount AnneKench, G.
2740Finding the Panorama TrackHewitt, M.
2741Map - Panorama TrackHardy, D.
2743Mt Field National Park DevelopmentDavies, R.
2744Map - Sketch Plan of National Park (Circa 1922)Hardy, D.
2750Bishop and ClerkHolt, E.
2755Mt Nereus - Certainly not DifficultAshley, W.
2758Shorter and EasierAlexander, D.
2759An Unusual Mt Anne CircuitMitchell, I.
2764They Do It for PleasureRichmond, A.
2771"Selma" near BothwellMcRae, P.
2775Prince of Wales RangeFranklin, P.
2783RainPeter Two (Anon.)
2784Lady Franklin's Excursion to Mount Wellington
2789Errata - The Tasmanian Tramp, No.26
281A Second Expedition to Mt WellingtonAllnutt, P.
287A White Monolith VentureHardy, D.
289Map - White Monolith RangeHardy, D.
2814Mystery at the Arthur RiverGould, M.
2817Alpine SummerStrappazon, A.
2818The TrophyFoulkes, S.
2819Mt OlympusFranklin, P.
2824Track ClearingAlexander, D.
2827Reynolds FallsReynolds, S.
2832Bushwalking on King IslandBowling, A.
2839Map - Southern King IslandHardy, D.
2841Don Closs - 19th Honorary Life MemberWyatt, R.
2843The Western Arthurs: A Personal ExperienceFoulkes, S.
2848Camping by the CarsRau, A.
2852Stacks BluffFoulkes, S.
2852Tall TalkGrist, M.
2853Hartz Mountains National ParkLuckman, J. S.
2858Glimpses of the History of the Hartz Mountain Area before the Arrival Of ManBanks, M. R.
2859Map - Reconnaissance Geological Map of the Hartz Mountains AreaBanks, M. R.
2861Map - Reconnaissance Geomorphological Map of the Hartz Mountains AreaBanks, M. R.
2865Forest Invertebrates in (and near) the Hartz Mountains National ParkGreen, A.
2869Birds of the Hartz Mountains National ParkField, D.
2873Hartz Mountains Area NomenclatureWyatt, R.
2876Hartz Mountains National Park -WalksKench, G.
2878PoemsStrappazon, A.
2879Is There a Track Along There?Jones, M.
2884West Coast WalksCannon, J.
2888Map - Tasmanian West CoastHardy, D.
2891Macquarie HarbourKench, G.
2897PoemsStrappazon, A.
2898Extending HandsReynolds, S.
2899Playing MountainsRobinson, J.
28101Bushwalker Impact on the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage AreaSawyer, N.
28106Failureation BirthdayGrist, J.
291George Perrin - Tasmania's First Conservator of ForestsYoung, D.
296Clarence Lagoon to Lake St ClairParton, T.
2911Thanks MateAnon
2912Federation AgainGrist, J.
2917Skiing at Mt Field National Park - How and Why....van de Vusse, T.
2921ElixirAlexander, D.
2922John Cannon -Twentieth Honorary Life MemberWythes, J.
2924To the Mountains Of JupiterCannon, J.
2929Deny King of Port DaveyLuckman, J. S.
2933Islands are SpecialSteane, D.
2934Mount RolandRichmond, A.
2935Albatross IslandDavis, G.
2944Actaeon IslandAllchin, M.
2947Skin DeepAlexander, D.
2948Swan IslandField, D.
2955Hunter Island 1991-2Moore, E.
2962Strzelecki Peak 2480 FeetHolt, E.
2967King Island -An Island of ContrastsCooper, R.
2972Macquarie Island - Tasmania's Southern OutpostDavis, B. W.
2977Galloping GranniesSteane, D.
2978Mt Bisdee - An Account of a Visit to an Island in the ScrubWilliams, R.
2980Sweet InterludeSteane, D.
2982Mulga Mick - A Poet on Mount WellingtonAllnutt, P.
2986Mt Anne CircuitMoon, J.
2991Search For Simon - 1982Alexander, D.
2994An Extract of a LetterElliot, F.
2996BicyclesWhite, K.
2999When the East Wind Blows - A Walk to the Spires ....Franklin, P.
29107Tasman Trail ExtensionHopkins, R.
29109Fifty Years AgoSteane, D.
29115The LeaderAlexander, D.
29116The ClubAlexander, D.
301IntroductionWilliams, R.
302The Times They are A-Changin, Wilderness ManagementSawyer, N.
307A New Yorker's View of the Western ArthursHarris, J. R.
3015On Mount WellingtonField, D.
3016CampsitesLuckman, J. S.
3019Bon AppetitLuckman, J. S.
3020The Origin of Thark HutWyatt, R.
3024Join the ClubAlexander, D.
3026Eau No!Alexander, D.
3027Hell on GellCannon, J.
3031JockAlexander, D.
3032Joumeys to the Upper Huon. From the Diaries of Henry JuddAbbott, B.
3045Thoughts of the Huon TrackHewitt, M.
3046Vale Arthur KnightWythes, J.
3049On Equal Footing: Women Adventurers 1920-1950Waight, S.
3051A Curly ExperienceHardy, D.
3058Our Changing CoastSteane, D.
3067Frenchmans CapPaterson, J.
3069Mapping MemoriesLove, A. R.
3073Here be DragonsSteane, D.
3074ParanoiaField, D.
3075Hobart Walking Club 1930-1940. As I remember itHeming, J.
3080HWC Roster 1935-1936 Season
3081Honorary Life Members
3082Equipment over the YearsWilliams, R.
3086The Willsons of MelaleucaChristian, A.
3096Seven out of Ten, a Walk to Mt NereusFranklin, P.
30102Platform Peak 1958Whitham, L.
30104Partridge PicnicsReynolds, S.
30108Dicey BreadChristian, A.
30109South of the ArthurDoherty, K.
30113Early Morning, Federation PeakDavis, B. W.
30114A Night to RememberWilliams, R.
30115Do you Remember?McVilly, L.
311Wellington, Our MountainHardy, D.
315A Short Winter Walk on Mt WellingtonSteane, D.
318Other WellingtonsWilliams, R.
319Walking and its UsesWoods, Dr A. L.
3111Comment on "Walking and its Uses"Benham, S.
3113Call-outChristian, A.
3115First AidWilliams, R.
3116Sheila Reynolds, Twenty-first Honorary Life MemberWyatt, R.
3118Pencil Pines, Tarn ShelfField, D.
3119Derwent RiverAlexander, D.
3124Cape ConnellaCane, H.
3127Peter Dombrovskis -a TributeBrown, R.
3128My First Medium-Medium WalkOrtmann, A.
3129"Talking" Through the BushJohnson, R.
3130Mt Arrowsmith (via the Old Linda Track)Leaman, D. E.
3134A Tale of Birds & BlundstonesWhite, K.
3135Restoring a Historic ClinometerWhitham, L.
3138The Mountain TopSpargo, S.
3139Across the Roof of Australia on the Alpine TrackCollier, S.
3143Bruny Island -House SophiaRau, A.
3146Exploring the South West by HelicopterKearsley, B.
3151A Wild Goose ChaseBowling, A.
3156The SealWalsh, C.
3158Midweek MadnessReynolds, S.
3160The 50th Anniversary of the Lake Dobson Memorial HutDavey, A.
3162Haiku PoetryCoward, R.
3164Quest & Discovery: A Pilgrimage to Mt ManfredAlbrecht, N.
3169Rosanne RevisitedLord, A.
3173The DotterelWalsh, C.
3174Tasmanian Aboriginal CarvingsLuckman, J. S.
3176Spirits of the CoastHayward, E.
3178The Changing Face of BushwalkingReynolds, S.
3181A Visit to Macquarie IslandJones, M.
3184Odyssey to The AcropolisCoward, R.
3189Diamond Pique and The Prince of Wales RainRubock, G.
3193Mt Anne by MoonlightHardy, D.
321Correspondence InAves, K.
322Mid Week WalksAlexander, D.
324The Mersey BeatCannon, J.
327Magnetic Rocks and their Effect on Compass UseLeaman, D. E.
3210A Sense of DirectionLowe, P.
3212Vale Don WiddicombeWythes, J.
3215Brenda HeanDitcham, B.
3218James Sprent: The Trigonometrical Survey of Tasmania 1833-1855Lakin, F.
3225Ron Smith: The Man and his MapsWhitham, L.
3232We'll All Go Walking in TasmaniaLuckman, J. S.
3234Fifty Years of Federation PeakLuckman, J. S.
3239Place Names in the King William RangeWyatt, R.
3248The Southern SweepDavis, B.
3252Polar FleeceJones, M.
3253Butlers Gorge to Timbs TrackParton, T.
3261WombatEmery, M.
3262Missing ProspectiveBatchelor, J.
3264Just Like the Real Thing, VirtuallyCrawford, P.
3268Victor's HutSquires, G.
3271Hill Walking in IrelandMadden, B.
3273NomenclatureWyatt, R.
3277Federation Peak: Some DatesChristian, A.
3286It Goes by any Other NameReynolds, S.
3289Dolly HillWyatt, R.
3293Down the Crossing and Davey RiversEmery, M.
32104The Hazards of FreycinetHardy, D.
32106Mount Nelson: Its Magic and ValuesJones, C.
32115Walks in the Lime Bay Nature ReserveLeaman, D. E.
32121The Top Ten Tasmanian MountainsHowlett, B.
32125Fear of HeightsSteane, D.
32127Granite Tor: A Day to RememberHardy, D.
32132A Bushwalker in the AtlanticMounster, W.
32138A Tasmanian Watershed TrailAnderson, R.
32140A Walk in the Arakan YomasSwain, J.
32143Marriottï's FallsCannon, J.
331High PlacesAlexander, D.
332South Cape Rivulet - a Pathway to the South WestHardy, D.
339Memories of Mallory and MobberlyJones, C.
3311Search, Rescue and TrainingJones, C.
3316Early Memories of Skating and SkiingMasterman, E.
3320Skiing Tasmania for 78 YearsJones, M.
3331I Think I'll ResignLuckman, J. S.
3333Me and My HatAngel, G.
3334Memories of FergyMatz, A.
3337Back of WellingtonLeaman, D. E.
3344Federation Peak RevisitedWilson, D.
3347Federation Peak - Not as Awesome as AlmaChristian, A.
3348Paddling in ParadiseDowner, G.
3356Derek Smith of Flinders IslandCannon, J.
3360Dave is a LegendFranklin, P.
3364John BechervaiseElliott, F.
3368Refurbishment of Smiths MonumentArmsby, M.
3368Centre colour section
3369A Bushwalker in the Atlantic Ocean Part 2Mounster, W.
3375Friday Walkers Hit the HeadlinesWhitham, L.
3381Hewardia 50th AnniversaryWilliams, R.
3384A New Yorker Returns to TasmaniaHarris, R.
3393Backpacking and Bushwalking
3394Why Do We Do It?Bailey, G.
3397Why Fungi?Ratkowsky, D.; Gates, G.
33102Helicopter RescueCannon, J.
33105The Frenchman
33106Secrets of Salters PointLeaman, D. E.
33112The PushbikeRau, A.
33115Confessions of an Ordinary BushwalkerArmsby, M.
33119Fearless CharlesReynolds, S.
33120Peak-Baggers' Guide 2000Hardy, D.; Morffew, G.
33125Longer than the DayFranklin, P.
33127Bushwalking CertaintiesCane, K.
33128Dissertation upon Innes TrackWhitham, C.
33136Life Member No 22Franklin, P.
33138List of Office Bearers 1980-1999Christian, A.; Wyatt, R.
33139Mount RolandRichmond, A.
34ivLetter from BronwynKimber, B.
341The Joys of BushwalkingReynolds, S.
342Jeanette Collin - Bushwalker ExtraordinaryFenton, J.
3414Perfect Camp SiteBailey, G.
3419David W. Wilson, Honorary Life MemberHamilton, W.
3421The Overland Track - 50 Years OnHolmes, B.
3427Bushwalking LiteMackirdy, A.
3431Innes TrackBrown, P.
3442The Tasmanian Paropsine BeetlesHowlett, B.
3444It Took Longer to Pack than to WalkColman, R.
3447Val Linsell, Honorary Life MemberElwell, D.
3449An Early S&R ExerciseLuckman, J. S.
3451Thorsborne Trail, HitchinbrookCannon, J.
3457A Helicopter at DuskJones, C.
3459Remembrance PlaqueWilson, D. W.
3461South Cape and the Fluted CliffsHardy, D.
3468Denis Elwell, Honorary Life MemberWyatt, R.
3470Old Stamping GroundRubock, G.
3476Christmas at Lake JukesWhitham, L.
3482EPIRB RescueSpanney, K.
3487Don't Panic - There's YannickReynolds, S.
3492Peak Bagging - What's the Point?Harris, D.
349555 Years at Tahune HutKleinig, S.
34100Matches Whistle and CompassAlexander, D.
34101The Harris HillsJones, M.
34102Stopover No PushoverReynolds, S.
34103Search and Rescue Call-OutsRubock, G.
34107A Tenderfoot on the Overland TrackColman, R.
34116South Coast ShipwrecksHewitt, A.
34121Pinnacle and Back in Four HoursMasters, G.
34124Interlude in the Du CanesGordon, H.
351Hobart Walking Club's First WalkJones, M.
354E. T. EmmettLuckman, J. S.
356Of Hair and HoneyeatersJolly, M.
359My Trip to Gordon ValeSmith, E.
3515A Different Dress SenseReynolds, S.
3520Frank Hurley Visits Frenchmans CapKleinig, S.
3528A Seat on the MountainArmsby, M.
3530Mount Wellington's MemorialsMasters, G.
3534The Magic of Maatsuyker - Australia's Most Southerly lightJohnson, E.
3540The HWC CircularWyatt, R.
3546The CircularAlexander, D.
3547Franklands InterludeWilliams, R.
3550Birds on BeachesHayward, E.
3553The BushPayne, B.
3554Remembrance of SorellWhitham, C.
3559You Don't Have to be Mad But it HelpsWilliams, R.
3561Joe PiconeField, D.
3563Notes on Joe's PhotographyChristensen, E. M.
3564A Walk to Cape Hauy - A Leader's NightmareLeaman, D. E.
3573A Night on Wombat MoorSteane, D.
3576Saw-Sedges are More Than Cutting GrassesWatson, P.
3580Hair RaisersJones, M.
3582Beating the RetreatWhitham, L.
3586The Tasman MonumentAlexander, D.
3588Beach or Alpine SnowDoran, K.
3592WalkingAlexander, D.
3593My Box BrownieLuckman, J. S.
3595An Island Called Paradise - Swan IslandJohnson, E.
35101The Good Old Meehan Range TraverseCannon, J.
35106LegsAlexander, D.
35107Kakadu KapersSmith, K.
35112Greystone by the BackdoorHardy, D.
361Tramping the TarkineCannon, J.
369An Anthology of Articles - Jack ThwaitesKleinig, S.
3611Franklin Dreaming - PoemLidster, M.
3612The Continuing Allure of the Western Arthur Range - An Historical AccountRoberts-Thomson, P. J.
3621Fun at Maria IslandRau, A.
3624The Sting On The NettlesWatson, P.
3628The Joys of Joining the ClubReynolds, S.
3629A Day Out With The Wednesday WalkersCannon, J.
3631Vale Kath DaviesWythes, J.
3634Roy Bartlett DaviesWyatt, R.
3636A TT GuideReynolds, S.
3639PoemLuckman, J. S.
3640A Trip to Cape Barren IslandMounster, W.
3645A Century of Light - Tasman IslandJohnson, E.
3647The Myth of The Mountain ClubCannon, J.
3649Members' Photographs Colour Section
3665Walkers on WheelsLedger. S.
3668K to K : An 11 Day Ski TripHill, R.
3674Starting Out in the FiftiesField, D.
3677PoemLuckman, J. S.
3678The Wind on the BillowsJones, M.
3684Another Ice House?Whitham, L.
3686An Added AttractionKerrison, V.
3687The Incident at Howling Dingo CampCLIO
3689The First Traverse of the Western Arthur RangeDaly, H.; Conaghan, P. J.
3695An Escape to an IslandJohnson, E.
36104When the HWC Went UndergroundLuckman, J. S.
36107Fold out map of Western Arthur Range, 1961 version
371Federation Peak - A Lifetime LaterCutcliffe, M.
3714Vale Peter AllnuttRae, T.
3716Finding Cathedral RockChristian, A.
3719I Finally Get the PointHarris, D.
3721Buttongrass: PoemEberhard A.
3722PolepoleKerrison, V.
3724Hop bushes-not just the scrub!Watson, P.
3733A Boat, A FireMartin, V.
3737Brocken Spectre (Monster in the Mist)Kerrison, J.
3739A Day on Mount MuellerCannon, J.
3741Frenchmans CapHean, B.
3753Keep Fit: PoemAlexander, D.
3754A Peak Scoring System for EveryoneLeaman, D. E.
3761Members' Photographs Colour Section
3777Cooks Beach: A settler's yarnCannon, J.
3781Manastir TreskavecWelch, I.
3787Estimating Walking TimesHowatson, D.
3789Happy Memories of Walking with the HWCPickmere, J.
3793The TarpAlexander, D.
3795A Coast to Coast WalkFitzgerald, G.
37101Mount Howitt and Return: Winter 2000Hill, R.
37105Carnivores in Fairies' ClothingFenton, J.
37107Wealth : PoemAlexander, D.
37109CavesideRaward, R.
37111Just Put it Down to Experience!Wyatt, W.
37117GeocachingGrist, M.
37119Vale Denis ElwellWright, I.
381Tramping the Great Green SpongeKnowles, R.
3811How the Hobart Walking Club was FormedKleinig, S.
3817Tiberias - Tasmania's Burning LakeCannon, J.
3823A Little Bit of Scrub!Manners, R.
3828Wet Weather Blues: PoemReynolds, S.
3831A Plaque from Lake PedderWyatt, R.
3835Unmasking the Dooley TrackShepherd, W.
3841Richea Scoparia Friend or Foe?Kerrison, V.
3843Do Munros Count in Tasmania?Wilson, A.
3847Hope Beach : PoemAlexander, D.
3849Alma of the South WestCannon, J.
3855Members' Photographs Colour Section
3871Walking and Its UsesDitcham, B.
3875IncomersAlexander, D.
3879Mt OssaRoberts-Thomson, P. J.
3885A Track Across Lichen HillLeaman, D. E.
3891A Tribute to My Boots: PoemJolly, M.
3893Native Cherries - Ripe for the PickingWatson, P.
38103Learning the Hard WayMoore, W.
38110Squadron Leader: PoemWilson, A.
38111Walking with LindsayWyatt, R.
38115Close Encounter at Murderers HillRau, A.
38119Happy Birthday JessieCannon, J.
38123Vale Ken lredaleAdams, J.
391Grand Designs: Tents of IceSeymour, G. A.
3911The Eternal OptimistReynolds, S.
3915The Eastern Arthurs - Federation PeakKerrison, V. and J.
3920Sandflies: PoemJones, M.
3921A Little Bit of MudManners, R.
3925Flinders KeepersHume, N.
3929A Gaily-painted Weather VaneWyatt, R.
3931Andrew Davey 26th HLMCannon, J.
3935Up All NightBaptist, J.
3938Untitled : PoemD'Alessandro, M.
3939Peradventure in the SnowDavey, A.
3949The Long Short CutFitzgerald, G.
3951Walking the Lycian WayHill, R.
3955Winterlude (on the Overland Track)Errey, C.
3959Du Cane HutDï'Alessandro, M.
3960Waylaid : PoemReynolds, S.
3963Mount Wellington A Bushwalker's FriendBrumley, A.
3969Members' Photographs Colour Section
3985Chimney Pot HillWyatt, R.
3989The SpiresAdams, J.
3993Return to the SpiresAdams, J.
3997Hobart Walking Club on FacebookMarriott, K.
3999Toddlers ToddleWilson, A.
39103My Relationship with Knocklofty ReserveDï'Alessandro, M.
39105Nichols CapCutcliffe, M.
39111Public Transport WalksHill, R.
39115Stephanie Schulz 28th HLMDavey, A.
39117The Last Training TripMoore, W.
39121Chauncy Vale Wildlife SanctuaryDaly, H.
39129Brian Haas 27th Honorary Life MemberLinsell, V.
39131Black WattleWatson, P.